Tuesday, April 03, 2007

By 6:30 pm, all the old women were gone from the park and only the young guys remained, sweeping the garbage away and fixing the tents. I told my mama, and the news must've thrilled her, because she took Marta and papa for this really late stroll - to the park.

They were still there after 9 pm, after Yushchenko had announced his decision. A young man from the tents came up to them and said that it was probably better for them to go home now - because the president had just dissolved the parliament. Mama pretended to be surprised, even though she already knew about it from me. She asked the guy what would happen next, he said maybe they'd introduce curfew. She asked him whether bus #24 was still running, and he replied he had no idea - because he was from Donetsk. A very friendly young man, she told me, eager to help.

They were home around 10 pm - but Marta likes to throw things out of her stroller, and this time it was her new shoe that got lost along the way. Mama was very upset and insisted on going out again and looking for it, and if mama makes up her mind about something, there's no way to talk her out of it, so I didn't even try to stop her.

She returned when Marta was falling asleep, at 11:30 pm, with the shoe - which, I suspect, wasn't the main reason why she stayed out for so long.

I guess she waited for Maidan to begin right away - but it hasn't yet.

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  1. Blogger's not working, such a bad timing.

    But - no sign of a coup here, at our end of Khreshchatyk.

    And you can see that nothing's really going on at Maidan yet - here.