Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Right after they killed Maksim Kurochkin, I saw Natalya Vitrenko of the Progressive Socialist Party trying on a white blouse at a Metrograd store called EuroStyle.


And over at the AP they think our president is Victor Yanukovych.

A Russian businessman allied with Ukraine's president was killed by a sniper Tuesday as he was escorted from a courthouse during a break in his extortion trial, a government official said.


Kurochkin's trial had been closely watched because of his ties to pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. During the bitter 2004 presidential campaign and Orange Revolution protests, Kurochkin ran an organization called the Russian Club that supported Yanukovych.

And the Guardian and a bunch of other publications trust the AP and have reprinted its piece without looking through it first.

Here's the screenshot - because I'm sure they'll fix it when they wake up...

What a mess.

And what a pity that we have once again turned into a really obscure country (the size of France and all that)...


  1. Everyone trusts the AP which is why Business Week,,, ... all reported the story as sent to them by AP. Which just goes to show.

  2. This is whacked -
    corrected story filed at AP
    "A Russian businessman allied with Ukraine's prime minister was killed by a sniper Tuesday as he was escorted from a courthouse during a break in his extortion trial, a government official said." ...

    and at the bottom
    "(Corrects that businessman was allied with Ukraine's prime minister instead of president.)"

  3. oh, yeah, and today a Ukrainian swimming coach beat up his daughter who came last in Melbourne. It's all over the TV news! All over the world!

  4. Saw footage of it - it was terrible though thankfully she did not some to be injured or require medical attention. Her father has been banned from having any contact with her and will face a judge in Australia.

    A Ukrainian male did win gold in the 50m.

  5. Wow - CyberCossack linked to the uncorrected version of the AP story and did not even realize it. I think Pres. Yushchenko should take AP to court. I wonder if/when it will end up in the printed press.

  6. Allah hallah!

    That would be the day when "Viktor Yanukovych" would be president of Ukraine. Is it possibly some sort of Freudian slip - a subconscious metamorphosis of Yushchenko and Yanukovich?



  7. Came across the following site -
    Interesting Stories
    Museum of Ukrainian Graffiti

  8. I think Vilhelm's right - the tragedy is that "President Viktor Yanukovych" isn't actually that far wrong.

  9. Alex you are right. The way things are going it could happen.