Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I've a question: is there a collection of Georgi Gongadze's work, in any language?

I'm asking because today they are reading Politkovskaya all over the world, in memoriam, and it got me wondering.

P.S. And I don't mean something like Ukrainska Pravda's archives - I'm thinking more of something like a book. Does it exist?


  1. collection of his writings? don't think so.
    closest is but it is the story of his death
    "Beheaded: Killing of a Journalist" by Jaroslaw Koshiw

    I don't think even a website memorium has been set up.

    (and I welcome with joy being proven wrong)

    remember the Tartak song - "I do not want to be an Ukrainian hero, they do not honor their heroes."

  2. koshiv should be beheaded for his book.

    gongadze's 'articles' (he had a style like korobova) can be found in the archive on ukrainska nepravda. the articles have not been translated into any language.

    what everyone forgets is that gongadze and prytula re-printed articles published elsewhere when they first started the site in early 2000.

  3. Abdymok sweetie - I have not read the Koshiw book but I will go with your verdict. But why is there no other verion?

    In so far as the post - Neeka brought up a VERY valid point. And I would go further to say, where are the School of Journalism prizes in Gongadze's name? the awards? Where? Nowhere. Why? Why is not Harvard University (HURI) publishing? Why no mention form Shevchenko Scientific Society? why no mention in Ukraine or in the diaspora world?

    Because he was an ethnic Georgian.

    Sad. And Pathetic.

    Sometimes I get really bummed out and think to myself that Ukraina deserves everything it gets but sure as hell the Ukrainians don't.