Sunday, March 04, 2007

In St. Pete today (yesterday), a surprisingly large rally.

Mishah showed me this lovely image from Reuters (from this series on in the early afternoon - but this a guy with an NBP flag... I just can't get over it, you know... and I wonder how many people choose to stay home instead of having anything to do with the Nazi-style hammer and sickle... I've said this many times before, I know...

But now I'm reading the blog of someone I admire - LJ user aneta_spb, a St. Pete journalist of Belarusian descent - and here's what she writes (RUS):

In this case, I don't care what flags people were carrying. What's important is that the most popular slogan - the one that everyone supported - was: "This is our city!"

And I guess I understand how she feels: it's probably like having those UNA-UNSO guys all over the place at Maidan - I kind of hate their guts, and they do seem pretty marginal (even though they are part of BYuT - or are they still?), but sometimes I'm able not to notice them and their flags. Same with NBP, I guess... (Only it's still not the same, for some reason...)

From a number of LJ comments, I understand that many of the media do focus on NBP presence at the rally a lot - bad, bad protesters, extremists-fascists. The fact that NBP exists at all certainly helps the regime - otherwise, who would be there to get attacked by OMON? (The old ladies on the wonderful picture over this New York Times piece aren't such a good target, are they?)

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