Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm re-reading some of my old notes now - from my 2002 journal:

Two fat women at the hotel cafeteria in Nizhniy Novgorod are watching a Brazilian soap.

"What an apartment he got himself! A house, with a swimming pool and with a lake! The rich! [Bogachi!]"

"Her husband got into a fight with another guy - and what a fight that was!"

They are talking about the soap as if it's something from their own, real, lives - really hard to tell when they are discussing what.

"It's disgusting when he first has an affair with the mother, and then with the daughter..." - "What's disgusting about it? This is life!" - "Still, it's not nice."

"The guy's so good-looking... And women are so spoiled."

They switch to talking about themselves during commercials.

"Now you have two papas!"

"That's it. She's married now, and you better do something about your own life as well."

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