Sunday, February 18, 2007

Novodevichiy Monastery a few days ago:


  1. Beautiful picture Veronica i it warmed my heart to see it this morning :)

    Chris B.

  2. the deep snow did not exactly warmed my heart but serenity is the word I'd use - it must have snowed soon after?

  3. I remember the first time I stopped at Novodevichiy about 9 years ago. While strolling through the grounds, I found an arc in the wall filled with cannons from Napolean's army: 6 pounders and 12 pounders. All with these lovely inscriptions from the foundaries. To see them just dumped in a pile was astounding and showed such a casual disregard for matters of historic import. I would have saved one but my pockets were too small and someone might have noticed. They have disappeared--probably on the grounds of some big wig's dacha I suppose...