Friday, February 16, 2007

A heartbreaking photo story (RUS) by LJ user drugoi about the kind man Ilya and his 44 dogs, many of them legless or otherwise disabled, living in a house outside Moscow:

For almost 20 years already he's been adopting these street dogs, treating them and leaving them to live with him. Half of those who live in Ilya's big house are ordinary mutts, and the rest are also mutts - but they have managed to learn what human being are like: they are invalids. Beaten, maimed, half-alive, they show up here and get their treatment, housing, food and the human warmth that they missed while living in the big city.


  1. It reminds me of the old lady with the pack of dogs at the bottom of Andreevskiy Spusk. It always makes me sad.

  2. Dear Veronica,

    Thanks for bringing this story to my attention! It was really great to see that someone cares for the streetdogs. One often wonder what will become of them - especially the sick and wounded. Now at least I know that some get a decent life.



  3. Thanks so much for this link. It really takes me back to Russia. People love their dogs so much there, yet treat the street dogs like trash. I once saw one killed callously in front of me by a motorist. There was nothing for me to do but collect him from the street and give him some comfort as he died... But I guess this is consistent. After all, this is the way this society treats its human residents, too.