Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For those who read Russian - Kremlin Valentine, by LJ users samka and supehero.

Be sure to scroll down past the postcard that doesn't seem to load.

To those who don't read Russian: imagine all Russia's politicians and other notorious personas had blogs: Putin, Surkov, Medvedev, Zhirik, Yeltsin, Berezovsky, FSB, etc. Very funny, but untranslatable.


  1. You forget to mention Dioxin Cheeks Yush and jewish olygarchs.

    Tell me why do xoxly use Russian 'padonky's' I-net geek language in their forums?
    It's political incorrect for you-'svidomye'.

  2. very funny, but untranslatable

    I'm sorry, but this simply won't do.

  3. oooh, dear litmus, i wish i could translate it, but so many things in there need some kind of explaining - for example, who's valentinka (st. petersburg's governor), or who's lena_baturina (moscow mayor's wife), and merely knowing who's who isn't enough, there are stories attached to each character, some old, some new, and whether you're aware of these stories probably determines how you perceive this text - it may seem meaningless and silly to some, i'm sure...

    and there's lots of slang there - and i'm terrible at translating slang...

    and i can't even say which part is my favorite: the one about berezovsky vs patrushev (head of fsb/kgb), with berezovsky's comments deleted, and also about roman abramovich, no longer russia's richest man, and oleg deripaska calling him a loser... (okay, so i've mentioned the "jewish olygarchs" - hope the commenter from st. pete is happy now :))

    yes, but there's so much more stuff in it...

    i'm sorry!