Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feb. 21, 2007

This man was taking shelter from the snowstorm next to me at a bus stop. A few cars that drove by too close and too fast sent waves of slush our way. On a day like that, it's best to stay home and look out of the window, cozy and warm, but I'm stuck in our neighborhood the whole week, so on weekends I always try to get out, leaving Marta with Mishah.

Another man - somewhat older than the one in the picture - approached the bus stop, dragging a large bag on wheels behind him, the bag you go shopping with, not what you take inside an airplane. I'm not sure if the two of them knew each other - maybe. Maybe they were neighbors. But maybe not. In any case, a brief exchange between them seems a lot more fun if you imagine that they were complete strangers:

- No, this isn't winter, - said one without any introductions.
- True, - barked the other, as if he had been expecting someone to read his thoughts and say them out loud.
- Winter is when the temperatures fall below 10 degrees [Celcius].
- Right. And now there's nothing but mud everywhere.
- Yes, this isn't what I consider real winter.
- No winter this year, true.


Jan. 21, 2007

A flower kiosk near Park Kultury subway station.

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  1. At least the snow is white...for now.

    I wonder if the Russian flag is still hanging from the balcony of my old apartment there on Komsomol'sky...znaesh'?