Saturday, February 10, 2007

But his comment on the deliveries of F-14 parts to Iran - by the Pentagon! - was fun. The look on the faces of the American folks in there was pretty sour.

When will they all learn to be like him, too? To bite him in the ass in person - and in public? To get rid of all that "Vladimir my friend" bullshit? To ask him about Anna Politkovskaya and Chechnya with more chutzpah?


  1. What I see is how Putin kick your xoxlopiteki's azzez and how prAFFeSor Yanyk and Dioxin Cheeks Yush wash with kisses Putin'z azz.

  2. You are a weird character, mamzel Khokhlova! Watch your words. I don't think you have more than one ass. Ne ischci priklyucheniy na zadnicu - as "moskali" say. BTW, why don't you write in Ukrainain, dear freedom child? You don't get paid for it and Ukrainian speakers are not you target audience?

  3. Thats pretty funny. behavior is standard for person which came to Moscow from ex-soviet repulic - complex mixture of hate and envy.

    Dear, whats the point in Ukranian blogs written in english from Moscow? what is your target audience?

    about Iran and F14. do you know that Iran neibor, Pakistan has Atomic weapon? that Pakistan secret service helped to rebels in Aghanistan agains US army? why US dont press on Suadits who finance fanatic islamic movement all around the world?
    why democratic journalist Politkovskaa is hated inside Russia?

    try to think about it. and dont forget to return to Kiev - Im sure they need a lot of educated ppl. no point in sitting in un-democracy Moscow.

  4. they cannot, dear. all this bullshit about democracy and human rights exists on top of common listening to it. when every single teenager in US see in each Hollywood movie american flag && democracy word, itы a matter of time when generation starts to think they are special ppl on this earth.

    when someone says ugly truth right into the faces - you are not special, you are not special (wondering, ever see fight club movie?), u have nothing to say in reply. cause u r special, remember?

    if u still can read russian, its written better here

    he said everything right. thats why its a matter of time when initial shock will come away and ppl will start to discuss things he said.

  5. Dear, whats the point in Ukranian blogs written in english from Moscow? what is your target audience?

    i am the target audience. those who care but don't have this perspective.

    keep it up neeka.

  6. neeka bitch,

    care to answer?

  7. Hi, Neeka!

    Ignoring the trolls, of course, I wanted to say thanks for posting, as usual.

    And in answer to the question about responses to Putin: I think the US will probably never learn, because it's a matter of diplomacy. In that, both the US and Europe have to behave in a civilized manner or be regarded as bullies internationally and gain nothing.

    And looking to nations to condemn human rights abuses is never going to work. Take a look at Sudan: it took years of genocidal murder before the great powers mustered up the will to even call it by name. And after that they still didn't do anything of value. They haven't even now.

    So democratic nations are unlikely to rebuke the Russian government over Politkovskaya and Chechnya. Humanitarian non-profits should, though.

  8. blah, blah, blah, Dan

    Wank on ukr.