Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another hilarious - and untranslatable - "Kremlin postcard" from LJ users samka and superhero: this time, it's February 23 greetings, the Russian Army Day.

Among the featured "bloggers" are Yulia Tymoshenko (she calls Mitrofanov "a dick" - and he calls her "a dick" in response), Britney Spears (hairless), former defense minister Ivanov, Patriarch Aleksiy II, a few gay or gay-looking characters, and Konstantin Ernst, head of Channel 1, who is having this exchange with Putin:

ernst: Volodya! I was watching your Munich speech on TV! It rocked!

v_v_putin: Will you get me some more of that grass?))) ©

Next comment is from George W. Bush, who looks very stoned on his userpic and is appealing to Ernst:

busheg: Please!!!!!! Kostya, give me your ICQ, it's urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there's also an off-topic comment from Onishchenko, the guy who became famous after he proclaimed Georgian Borjomi water and Georgian wine harmful and banned them in Russia last year: it is okay to eat chicken, he assures us now, referring to the avian flu outbreak in the Moscow region.

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  1. Алексей_2 обявляет "великий пост"... classic.