Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A bit of shameless self-promotion: little by little, I've been assembling my old pieces in one place, a pseudo-blog place called Filed Away: pre-blog stuff, mostly.

I've posted only five texts there so far - and tonight, it's my July 2003 story about a train ride from Kyiv to St. Pete, via Belarus. I re-read it and really, really loved it. I can't write like this anymore, I'm afraid, but Mishah says I can, so I'll wait and see, and won't despair, not yet.

It's here now. (The online journal that ran it first, Newtopia Magazine, is no longer there - it's been three and a half years...)


  1. I remember reading this quite some time ago now. I read everything I could find that you wrote. Mishah is right, you still write beautifully. It isn't something you have lost.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. as long as you have voice, eyes, and heart you shall have something to say...

  4. Veronichka, s dnem rozhdenija!
    Pust' tebe vsegda budet hvatat' vremeni i zdorovja na vsio, chto ty tak prekrasno umeesh'!

  5. This was the first thing I read of yours, shortly after finding your site during the Orange Revolution. I still remember where I was at the time while reading it.

    I think you have a certain command of the english language that a native speaker could never have. Your way of putting emotions into words, quickly and efficiently, is quite delightful or saddening, depending on the circumstances.

    Your 8-word response to what they are planning to build in the place of Hotel Ukraina still makes be chuckle every time I read it.