Saturday, November 11, 2006

A quote from Mustafa Jemilev, from this May 2003 interview (RUS):

We are proud that in the half a century of our struggle to return to our motherland, we haven't shed any of our own or anyone else's blood.


Bits of Mustafa Jemilev's bio, from here (RUS):

- born on Nov. 13, 1943, will turn 63 in three days

- deported with his family from Crimea to Uzbekistan on May 18, 1944

- May 1966 - accused of refusing to serve in the army and sentenced to 1.5 years

- Sept. 1969 - sentenced to 3 years, for defamation of the Soviet state

- June 1974 - sentenced to 1 year, for draft-dodging again

- three days before he was to be released, they accused him of anti-Soviet propaganda; he protested by holding a 303-day hunger strike (they had to feed him forcibly)

- April 1976 - sentenced to 2.5 years

- a month before that sentence was up, they tried to cook up another case against him, but he scared them off by hunger-striking for 15 days; released in Dec. 1977

- Feb. 1979 - sentenced to 1.5 years in prison, but the sentence was later changed to 4 years of exile in Yakutia

- when this term ended, he moved to Crimea with his wife and child, but was kicked out of there and back to Uzbekistan three days later

- Nov. 1983 - arrested for the 6th time, sentenced to 3 years

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