Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our answer to the Russian Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) - "No people are illegal" (in Ukrainian):


  1. dear veronica,
    who is "our" here?

    thanks and keep up this wonderful blog. i come here so often! fran

  2. That's brilliant Neeka - thanks!

  3. No people are illegal- but they do commit illegal acts. This is the problem.

  4. Beautiful! I have photos of DPNI stencil graffiti (and stickers with ridiculous claims about the Azeri diaspora in Moscow), this is the perfect retaliation.

    And of course the idea that "there are no illegal people" is not novel in migration studies - it is pretty much a truism. As for "illegal acts," I guess you have to decide whether you care more about the human rights of individuals to migrate in order to improve their lives or about the rights of states to erect artificial bureaucratic borders to migration.

    But I digress. Thanks for posting this.