Saturday, November 11, 2006

I've just posted a set of 26 pictures from the Nov. 7 Communist rally here in Kyiv, across the street from where I live. I ran out for 20 minutes at the very end of the rally, when I saw them out of my window, laying flowers to Lenin's monument on Shevchenko Boulevard. Comparatively few of them, but many journalists and even more riot police (resembling some evil folks from Star Wars).

Mama told me I shouldn't advertise kommunyaki by posting their photos - and I replied that they weren't likely to get anything but negative publicity this way, with all those portraits of Stalin and shit like that. Funny, but a similar exchange took place at LJ user plushev's blog - only it was about the Russian March in Moscow (my translation is here). Sort of relevant for all those useless discussions of the Russian journalism that followed Politkovskaya's murder: journalists here are often expected to lead the masses, still, and to keep them from doing this, one should shut them up, period.

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  1. Looked at pictures from "Komunyaky" parade in Kyiv...mostly old people and what a few young people were doing there? Well, it's OK, it is in line with basic democractic values (freedoms of speech, expression, assembly etc.).

    Veronichka, thanks so much for those! So it looks like your Mom has some influence over yor blog content ;)