Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm trying out a new medium: video. At some point, I have to teach myself how to edit stuff.

Here's Baba Paraska, at Maidan, tonight. I haven't watched the video with the sound myself yet - because Marta is asleep on me.

Enjoy! (Or not.)


  1. That's the way it is, sometimes you can better explain something with video, and my experience is that there are more people watching it than photo. But comments are not that serious on youtube as in blogs or photo communities.

  2. Without your translation, all I can do is enjoy the wonderful smiles of people enjoying each other.

    I will be the first in your class when you teach how to edit video media. But for now I'm happy with words and still photos.

    I love your flickr collections. Thanks for taking me back to that wonderful time.

    I have a bunch of your pictures from the Orange revolution and others that I've collected. I'm going to make a mash up and send you the link for old time sake.

    Look at my language. Can a 50 year old guy say "mash up" without blushing? :D