Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I have to share this... Marta is asleep in her crib, the room's dimly lit, it's very quiet, I'm all alone. Then I go online, join the Global Voices staff meeting via IRC, and suddenly it's like the whole world is in our bedroom, all the voices. And then comes this feeling - that despite all these voices, I'm sitting in complete silence, and the only sound is the clicking of the computer, and Marta's breathing. And all of a sudden, a mad cat starts screaming outside - and I realize that no one besides me and half Pushcha Vodytsya can hear the beast, not a single person from the crowd whose chat I'm following. Internet is such a weird thing...

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  1. It's night and quiet here right now too, and I'm a world away. A train just went by in the distance and blew it's horn. Who would know that there is a whole world of things going on?