Friday, August 04, 2006

Ukrainska Pravda posts copies of Yanukovych's income declaration (UKR) that's being distributed in the parliament now.

According to it, the newly-elected prime minister made something like $7,600 in 2005. That's roughly $630 a month.

Fucking liar.


  1. Well, of course you know there's whole regions to fit pod that stolom, as befits a man of Yanuk's new stature.

    I hope things work out okay for your dad. Best of luck to you all.

  2. I've had enough of these silly tax declarations. Until they put in place _some_ kind of system to ensure that they bear at least some relation to reality, there's no point in having them, unless the point is to declare one's contempt for the truth and one's electorate.

    Yulia's was just as hilarious: $12 000 in income in 2004 (plus a state subsidy,) no car and a 30 m2 apartment in Dnepropetrovsk? COme on, Yulia!