Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No words for today, just a couple images...

This is Victory Square/Ploshchad Pobedy/Ploshcha Peremohy in the center of Kyiv - Hotel Lybid on the left, Ukraina Shopping Mall on the right, and the Circus is behind me (not in the picture, naturally):

And this is what's (or who's) beneath Victory Square/Ploshchad Pobedy/Ploshcha Peremohy:

(The walk through this underground pass has reminded me of Istanbul's Eminonu/Galata Bridge area.)


  1. Yet i have to walk here twice a day (right from behind the circus) -- this is a damned place, believe me. No matter what direction you choose: a) up to University subway through extincting Shevchenka boulevard; b) straight to «Central» rail terminal (don't try this way by mistake -or- you'll see the retrospective of xx century's dark sides); c) try to survive Airfleet ave. crossing on foot.

    In case you've found yourself at Galic (Victory) SQ, here some suggestions of emergency exit:
    a) On foot from the eastern corne via Honchara (Chkalowa) ST one may get up to the downtown, namely: Opera theatre, G.Gates, St. Sofia and Michael SQ

    b) By occassional trolleybus route #5 in either eastern (Shevchenka park) -or- western (Politechnic institute) direction

    c) Route #404 of semi-public transportation to L'va Tolstoho SQ

    Your ideas of life after (clinical) death ?

  2. xa, familiar sight. and the smell... is even more memorable

  3. Beautiful photos, and these ladies selling flowers or books look like the ones in my country.