Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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This was Marta's first blog entry. She wanted to say more but it's time for her bath now )))))))))

P.S. It wouldn't post, tells me this, in red letters: "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is broken: [<]uj." That goddamn HTML... )))

Oh, and those question marks - they are Cyrillic letters - she's managed to switch alphabets!


  1. OK, Veronica... just so you know... when Julie was Yahoo!Messenging with me... hmm... years ago now... Zach did the same thing: he started typing and switched to Cyrillic--something Julie never knew how do (at least, that's what she said.)
    Conclusion: babies looove Cyrillic. It's because we've got miaghkiy znak, I guess :))

  2. and zzzhhhuh, which babies said a lot. Yes, it's true, Zach was a big Russian speaker...though I find I mostly use it with him when he's reluctant to move along. Mommy sounds a lot scarier when she's shouting "Pojekhali!" It kind of dislodges him. Any other toddler-prodding phrases from Russian would be appreciated.

  3. And a beautiful love letter it is. To her uncle Peter.. Wow I understood every word.