Tuesday, July 04, 2006

No time to write at all - and when I don't write for a long time, I often feel an almost physical discomfort. Notes made in my notebooks with one hand, while rolling Marta's stroller back and forth with another, don't count.


Mish jan, could you please send me the "World Cup's Over" picture and I'll post it here?


  1. You know, this is strange. I get the same feeling at times when my computer is down. The thing is you are a very good writer, I am not. You post and write everyday, I don't. I hope Marta is feeling better and her tooth has pushed through. Give her a kiss and tell her Patrick said howdy.

  2. Hello Neeka! Long time since I visited the backlog again. I've been following the World cup and was hoping deeply for the yellow jerseys. Shouldn't they be orange?

    Marta's always first everything else can wait. You don't mind letting us Internet grandparents give you advice do you? :p I'm giggling cause I used to absolutely hate people giving me advice about my children. But everyone wants to help.

    Stephen Covey of Highly Effective People fame recommends filling the bucket with big stones first and then put the sand in. The sand - the less important stuff - tends to fill in around the significant stuff. And no one cares if we have no left room for more sand?

    But putting the sand in first - starting with the insignificant definetly displaces much that is significant.

    Take care friend. I will try to visit more often. Take care of my Marta. I love her too!