Friday, July 14, 2006

It's been a while since I posted Marta's picture here. This one was taken July 12 - I'm posing on it, she's not )))


  1. Be still my heart.. Two beautiful women. This is more that I can take at one time...

  2. Funny that Marta is actually staring at the viewfinder... She's enjoying herself being a tiny TV star :))

  3. Yeah , quite interesting her strikingly curious eyes at a mysteriously strange alien artifact - the camera. Don't worry Marta, soon it will all make sense, except perhaps some grown-ups! (yeah those giants you see walking around!)

    I wonder if Marta will read this blog in many years time, funny thought :)

    like "Hey! what were these guys talking about me??? i couldn't even make my argument !"

    It's incredibly hot over here as well, i slept with a large fan aimed at me rotating at full speed, and when i woke up i wasn't feeling the slightest cold.

    I guess over there perhaps its even more extreme, the houses being more prepared to deal with the cold.

    And now absolutely unrelated(as usual in my comments :D )

    Ukrainian fans singing :D

    How can the other fans compete against these cool songs?

  4. Was the picture flipped intentionally or is that a special clock?