Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm watching Savik Shuster's Svoboda Slova.

Lots of crap.

Socialist Mykola Rudkovsky, for example: he is speaking on behalf of the new coalition, in the future tense, promising monthly salaries of $1,000 in five years.

Party of the Regions guys lack charisma, tact and brains so completely it hurts. (All of them, on all sides, are pretty useless now - and this is when charisma all of a sudden begins to matter. Well, not really all of a sudden, okay...)

Moroz isn't in the studio, but they are airing his video now, in which he's speaking about the new coalition; I'm not sure why and I'm sort of sure I'm wrong, but my feeling is he is taking too much upon himself, he won't last too long, one way or another.

Pora's Kaskiv advocates a new vote - but not too convincingly, using all those political cliches like 'let the people rule again' blah blah blah.

Mykola Katerynchuk, sexy as ever, wasn't making too much sense at the beginning, sounded too political, but a minute ago he asked Rudkovsky a simple, human question: why didn't you tell your voters during the campaign that as soon as you get into the parliament, you'll make Yanukovych the prime minister.

Every now and then, each side says something meaningful, something I can easily agree with. Rudkovsky asking what would change if there is a re-vote. (Moroz would lose, most likely, right? but that wouldn't make this coalition-building business easier... Rudkovsky, of course, wouldn't admit what his party's stake is, why he wouldn't want a re-vote...)

The audience has been brought to the studio from Maidan - Party of the Regions t-shirts on one side, Pora t-shirts on the other, and a bunch of undecideds who are closer to the Regions than to the other side.


Why did Moroz have to wait for so long before he switched sides?

Why did the Regions of Ukraine wait for so long before buying Moroz? Did they really hope Yushchenko would join them - and when he didn't, when the first coalition was formed, was that the crucial point that forced them to part with their money?


Treason is the key word coming from people like Yosyp Vinskyo and Oleksandr Turchynov.

Turchynov is literally preaching against treason - it's a sin, it's not moral, don't teach the young people to cheat, etc. I'm sure there is an audience for this kind of blah blah blah, too.

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  1. Moroz , IMHO needs to be beat down so bad he will not show his face again. I do not like this man or what he stands for. When he fixes a pot hole and cleans some streets I will be impressed.