Monday, June 05, 2006

This weekend we've been busy trying to rent a summer place - ended up with a little apartment near a wonderful lake in Pushcha Vodytsya, roughly 30 km from Besarabka.

Pushcha Vodytsya would have been impossible in Moscow - so much precious land (and fresh air) wasted, not used to make money, so much stuff deserted, in ruins. Parts of Pushcha remind me of those images I've seen of Pripyat/Chernobyl - and we've only been to Pushcha in sunny weather.

Renting a dacha isn't such an easy thing to do; and it's even harder if you need a dacha with a phone or internet connection - part of the reason we ended up with an apartment instead of a house.

We are hoping to move there next weekend.


I've started a photo set - here - with pictures of our three visits to Pushcha: May 28 pictures are already posted, and June 3 and 4 will follow soon.

Please keep in mind that I tend to shoot all those gloomy places and largely ignore the pretty flowers and pine trees...


  1. LOve your photos. Forget about all the pretty flowers. Even though I have been to ukraine only once, I truly want to bring my daugther and son back. Especially to meet their birth family. I share all the photos with her so maybe can see what her country looks like.