Monday, June 19, 2006

This place is so quiet during the week, especially when it's as rainy as today, but on weekends crowds arrive to make shashlyk and swim in the lake, and I really wish we knew how to make good shashlyk, too, because the smell of dozens of shashlyks that fills the air on weekends is just totally and unbearably wonderful. Maybe we'll figure it out before the summer's end.


All these people at the lake are from Kyiv, and I may even know some of them, but it doesn't feel so when we walk in the forest on weekends: it feels as if we're hundreds miles away from Kyiv.



  1. Beautiful Nature and River

    Rowing slowly on a boat, with some food !

    I wonder , is Uha popular in Ukraine?

    Didn't know what Shaslyk was, so went to investigate it:

    From the ingredients it seems to be delicious! Getting really hungry! Here in Porto, where i live, i only know of 1 Russian restaurant, but there are at least 100.000 Ukrainians living here (making them easily 1% of Portugal's population) I don't think it would it be asking too much for an Ukrainian restaurant in my hometown. The height of my gastonomic contact with Ukrainian cuisine is some already prepared Pelmeni, bought in what is probably the only Russian/Ukrainian supermarket in this city. Tasted good too :)

  2. There is something calming about sitting next to the water. It can be a lake, a river or an ocean. My uncle once told me this.