Friday, June 30, 2006

Someone somewhere wrote that last time he went to see a movie was The Titanic ten years ago.

My immediate inner reaction was, Oh my God, has it been ten years already? I haven't seen The Titanic but I babysitted my friends' 1 1/2-year old while they went to see it; it was also the day I defended my diploma - not that I regret spending the whole long evening with the wonderful little Jesse, but it was definitely the wrong way to celebrate the end of 17 years of all the schools and colleges. But at least I still remember the day now.

Anyway, it hasn't been ten years yet - just eight. Very soon, though, it'll be ten years since I left for the States the second time, to Iowa City. Sometime in mid-August, I guess. Ten years. So sad to think about it, for way too many reasons.

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