Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I know it sounds crazy, but: very often, the night before the game, Mishah dreams the score.

Today, he sent me an sms in the morning, saying that in his dream Ukraine lost 0:5 - with 0:2 in the first half.

I haven't erased this sms - I still have it as proof of Mishah's clairvoyance. And because of Mishah, the score didn't surprise me - even though there was a moment when I shed a tear or two.

We were losing 0:2 in the first half; 0:4 is the game's final score - but there were 5 goals total in our gates.

The Swiss referee deserves to be disqualified and have his ass kicked for his decision to give Vashchuk a red card. Fucking asshole.

Before the totally unfair red card decision, I could still watch the game with a critical eye, and I felt that our team is too slow and Sheva-centric, among other things.


And - no coalition again today. But who cares. reported that a great number of parliament members couldn't concentrate on work because they had a plane to Germany to catch, to make it for the game.

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