Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do we really want to be in the EU? Or - would they ever want to have us?

The beatroot reports:

Passive drinking?

If you thought that the EU health police were content with ‘passive smoking’ as an authoritarian tool to stop us doing bad things to ourselves, then get ready for the great new concept ready to burst out of the corridors of power in Brussels.

A new term is about to enter the Euro-political lexicon: ‘passive drinking’. The idea was first mooted at the First Meeting of Alcohol Policy Network, Warsaw, June 15-16 2004.


So what has the EU got up its sleeve to counter this new ‘danger’? Well, they plan shorter drinking hours in pubs, higher taxes on alcohol, etc, to force us to change our naughty ways.

The isolated EU elite– desperate to appear relevant after the French and Dutch stuck two fingers up at them in last year’s constitution referenda - is now moving further in on people’s personal behaviour in its attempt to connect with us.

It seems to think we appreciate being treated like children.

Is the time that far off when we don’t just have smoke-free pubs but alcohol-free pubs as well?


  1. No, thank you.

  2. This sounds like what we call a straight banana story in Britain..

  3. Yup, EU elite is trying to conect with us citizens so we would later vote for them and so they could in return remain loyal not to us but to each particular political party from the member country.

  4. This is rich! Hey, it could happen. We've done in smoking in bars here in the state of Washington. I won't get into the situation in Utah. :)

  5. Aren't alcoholic people using public health service ? Why shouldn't their be a taxes on alcohol to pay for them ?

  6. Because the money from taxes usually goes to a general fund and pays for something else. Just an excuse to get more money. I'm certain it never goes to pay for health care costs. At least not here anyway. Most likely it goes to pay for transportation and roadwork to support more car traffic. So people can drive around in big SUVs.