Friday, May 26, 2006

Raisa Bogatyryova, #5 on Yanukovych's list (I guess), has quoted Roosevelt on Savik Shuster's Svoboda Slova today.

Yanukovych had an American adviser during the 2006 campaign. They used We Will Rock You tune on their campaign song.

For all I know, they'll be pushing Ukraine towards NATO soon.


How funny: Yulia has just told Bogatyryova that Regions of Ukraine and Bogatyryova voted in favor of sending Ukrainian peacekeepers to Iraq - which meant they gave their full support to a totally NATO initiative. Yulia's faction voted against it.


  1. Hi neeka, i found a blog you will appreciate(though, its already written as if you were its author)

    wish you further success in your holy crusade against "Vladimir Putin's Russia"

  2. The prior comment is ridiculous. Whatever.

    I actually wanted to comment on the post, just to point out that if I'm not mistaken Putin quoted Roosevelt in his "state of the nation" speech or some other big speech recently, so maybe the Yanukovych team is just taking cues from Moscow. But that's probably reading too much into it.