Thursday, April 27, 2006

In the morning, when I was taking Marta to the bathroom to change, mama said this, quite unexpectedly:

"You know, she's now the age I was when the war began and the Germans came."

Marta will be turning 5 months on May 1. My mama's birthday is January 31, 1941.


  1. Have you written about your families WWII experience?

  2. Dear Veronica,

    This really puts one's sense of proportions back on track and makes one reflect on how relatively good things are. Reminiscences of the war is something special to those affected, which one - coming from a country left untouched by it - will never wholly understand. That, however, does not make it less important. Your example only serves to illustrate how memories still live with you and constitute a part of being, which, I must admit, lies beyond my full comprehension. Still it makes one think once over.