Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm really exhausted. Marta refuses to nurse on my right size and she also refuses to eat from the bottle when I pump. Left side only. Maybe because this is where we met when she was born - they put her on my left side. Or perhaps she doesn't like the right side because she spent the last months of my pregnancy there, inside, with her head up, right underneath that breast. And she seems to be teething already: I stayed up till after 2 am last night while she was asleep - silly me - and then she woke up at 3 and was absolutely unconsolable for the next three hours. Then she let me sleep till 8:30.


  1. You're not alone. A friend of mine nursed her son on one side only for more than a year! She just got used to it. And yes, they learn the difference with the bottle at about 3-4 months, and also start teething then. If you can find those Avent "sippy" nipples, she'd probably like those. And maybe you can find some teething gel. But overall it's a trying time. It does get better, though, really!

  2. My five months old favors my left side. I do suggest faithfull pumping, otherwise you'll be totally lopsided.