Monday, April 24, 2006

Aha. Also according to a update (in Russian), the Armenian boy was killed by a friend - because of a girl they both had a crush on.

There were no skinheads: the victim's and the attacker's friends - all of them fans of Lokomotiv, one of Moscow's football teams - made up that story to save the attacker's ass.

The attacker, Denis Kulagin, always carried a knife with him.

The victim, Vagan Abramyants, was an only son in a family that moved to Moscow in the late 1980s, to escape the pogroms in Baku, Azerbaijan.

*** has two sidebars on this story: one about an attack on a Turkish citizen in St. Pete's subway this past Saturday, another about the murder of a Tajik in Moscow (the second Tajik was severely wounded in that attack).

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