Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A tiny Ukraine distraction:

"What party's that?" asked Mishah when he saw the picture.


I hope to find a couple hours sometime during the week to deal with a ton of new pictures, including those from the balagan that Khreshchatyk was on Sunday.


  1. M-rowww! it's the Sexy Lady Party of the Regions!

  2. Classic. Talk about sovok (no offense to fans of faux-animal prints, but you know what I mean). Thanks, your photos always make me feel like I'm right there.

  3. Neeka, "5 points" for the picture from Henry ;) He loved that!!!

  4. Imagine what sort of jokes mean people could pull on little kids , "that lady killed Cheburashka to make a suit!"

    If the next photo has a guy completely in crocodile jacket, shoes, etc, it will mean they got Crocodile Gena too.. :( snif.