Friday, March 17, 2006

This weekend's gonna be crazy - but then it'll all be over.

Here's the schedule (via, in Russian):

Saturday, March 18

- Party of the Regions (500 people) - Khreshchatyk

- Our Ukraine and People's Party - Maidan

- Volodymyr Bondarenko/Pora-PRP (20,000 people) - Yevropeyska Ploshcha

Sunday, March 19

- Our Ukraine - Maidan

- Mykhailo Poplavsky (The Third Force) - Maidan

- Green Party - Kontraktova Ploshcha

- Party of the Regions (500 people) - Khreshchatyk

- Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists - Khreshchatyk

- Socialist Party (1,000 people; 200 tents, 4 kids' playgrounds and stages) - Khreshchatyk

I'd pray for lousy weather, to make them all vanish, but Marta and I haven't been for a walk in a very long time. And it's not that you really have to pray for bad weather here - we get it for free, more than we've ever asked for. Damn.


  1. Instead of boring self-presentations, I would suggest all political parties to organize kinda Parade with all fancy costumes, decorations, music, dances. It could be done in the form of contest - people could vote which party performed the best during the Parade ;)

  2. The weather in unrelentless!