Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here's Mishah's reply to one of the commenters - it's too good to be banished to the comments box.


52% is about the same that Yusch got on the presidential election. Even slightly bigger. I don't see how he gets more with current state of things. If you sum up all the orange votes at 63.08% you get even less than 52. So the split is about the same as it was during the presidential election.

This country wasn't, isn't and won't be divided East-West. because Chernigiv, Poltava and Sumy are neither West nor Center of the country. This division is more accurately described as division by the borders of Kievan Rus. even Malorossia+Galychyna vs. Novorossia seems closer. You may also call it the division at where ukrainians live and where non-ukrainians live. Not in ethnical sense of course.

As a voter of Pora I don't care if part of my vote goes to Yanyk. This country is divided. Since Yusch did not let them go during the revolution, did not grant autonomy to this Novorossia or PiSUAR thing, the only I guess remaining way to form a new ukrainian nation that will include people of Donetsk or Odessa is to dogovoritsa with them. If coalition between NU and RoU is needed so let it be. Even though this RoU consist of and is headed by thieves and former and future criminals - so let it be. Almost half of my fellow citizens voted freely for thieves and criminals being fully aware of that. We did not let them form their own state or joint their beloved Russia, now we have to live with them. So our children won't use terms "us" and "them".

I see two main reasons of Pora-PRP's (and Klitchko) defeat. First is the campaign. Their maxim percentage might be 6-8 of young self-reliable center-right liberals disappointed with the leaders of the revolution, not the revolution itself. The thing that only by announcing themselves running for the Rada they got 1.8% rating within a week was a sign of a very good potential. Their campaign unfortunately was done like they are aiming at least 15% of very wide range of voters. Use of "TAK!" and even orange was a mistake because it was same as saying "there's no difference between us and NU so why vote for us". I'm not even sure if they needed Klitchko. The second problem was the lines at the polling stations. While standing there, I've seen a lot of "young self-reliable center-right liberals" leaving because of these lines. The only line most of them could bare to stand is the line at the passport control in Boryspil.

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