Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Eugene Grabkin has posted wonderful photos from the square - here:

© Eugene Grabkin

Eugene is asking (RUS) how one can get a press card:

I could even provide photos later. ;) Because people are asking where I'm from and what I'm doing?.. And what if I'm from the [state-owned Belarusian TV]?..;)))))

And here're the recommendations (RUS) he's received so far:

Make one yourself, write PRESSA on it, minsk_by and your nickname :)
it'll protect you from the people, I guess :)))

though it may get the cops interested :)

but do write your nickname, to avoid an entrapment where a cop gets himself a similar card, but if there's an unknown nickname on it or an unknown face over a known nickname, it's easier to sort it out :)


Yeah, write this on it:
Journalist working for the largest Internet publication

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