Sunday, February 26, 2006

I somehow wandered off to FC Terek Grozny fan site again yesterday, to their Photo of Grozny On Request page.

A year ago, there were just a few requests and only a handful of photos. Now, there are eight pages of communication and nearly a hundred photos. Soon, hopefully, Photo of Grozny on Request will have a site of its own. For now, to see the pictures (those of you who don't read Russian), just scroll down the pages and look for the links, then open .zip files.

The photographs are shocking. The way Grozny looks is horrible. That there are people living like this is unbelievable. Nothing - absolutely nothing - justifies what's been done to this city and its people. And what continues to be done.

The guys who are taking these pictures - God bless them - aren't just helping some people relieve their homesickness. (What relief am I talking about? The pictures are nothing but heartbreaking.) They are also doing the media's job - the job that the media stopped doing a long time ago.


There's a thread with jokes there - the Chechen humor:

- Abdurahman, where's your son?
- He's gone to Moscow.
- You've let him go alone?
- Yes.
- Aren't you afraid?
- Why should I be afraid? I've heard that every Moscow's cop is looking after him - day and night, they aren't taking their eyes off him.


A Chechen terrorist has seized a bus full of Chechen terrorists.

[Chechenskiy terrorist zahvatil avtobus s chechenskimi terroristami.]


From the Terek Grozny site, I moved to a Russian-language forum of those who used to live in Grozny - and then I somehow ended up at a Russian-language site of the Mountain Jews living in Israel. Very, very interesting.

Here's more, in English.

And still more.


This is a little bit off-topic - but there are amazing pictures of Sarajevo on this photoblog - thank you, thank you, thank you, Seesaw! After I showed your photos to Mishah, he said he felt as if he had just visited the city.

(After Grozny photos, the beauty in Sarajevo pictures begins to obscure some of the sadness.)

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