Thursday, January 05, 2006

This paraphrase of Oleksandr Turchynov in is what got me confused about Raiffeisen Investment AG, a company that operates Rosukrenergo jointly with Gazprom.

Yesterday, I wrote that, allegedly, it had nothing to do with Raiffeisen Bank - because I was too busy to question what I read in two pieces (June 17 and Sept. 15, in Russian):

According to Turchynov, Raiffeisen Investment AG has nothing to do with Raiffeisenbank and acts on behalf of some individual or company.

In fact, Raiffeisen Investment AG is part of Raiffeisen Banking Group; their statement regarding yesterday's agreement is here. Turchynov must've meant the bank's Ukrainian or Kyiv branch when he made his comment.

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  1. About the oil price, thank God we here in Simferopol are not paying for the gas supplied for the kuartira. Because we use quite a lot every month :p and there goes free gas for my hot shower too! :)