Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Power was restored at 2:40 am; Marta slept from 9-something till 2 am, my wonderful little girl; the temperature in our room didn't fall beneath +17°C because I kept the door open to let in the warmer air from the rest of the apartment; the most annoying thing about it all was that everything but our building was very well-lit - Khreshchatyk, all the shops across the street, the monstrous construction site on the backyard side, everything. I really, really hate winter.


What I stopped short of saying in the previous post was that if Ukraine was indeed stealing Russian gas, it was definitely not stealing enough of it - but, of course, this is totally wrong and I'm glad I didn't say it.


  1. While russian language Euronews TV explains shortage of natural gas in Europe with the official Kremlin version of Ukraine stealing it, english language version of the same channel doesn't mention Ukraine at all in the same story. Poor euoropeans are paying for Russian propaganda.

    -- mishah

  2. Or not, depending on one's bias, eh?

  3. dear anonymous,

    do you mean that poor europeans are paying euronews in english to conceal the truth about russia from them?

  4. Why do you think europeans always know the truth?

  5. who was talking about knowledge?

    -- misha

  6. You assume that the official Kremlin line is propaganda, i.e. a lie, whereas Ukraine has admitted to having taken more gas than she was entitled to. So, which is the propaganda?