Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mishah has just left for Moscow: his paternity leave is over. Apart from being sad about it and missing him already, I'm worried about the weather situation currently developing in the Russian capital.

Here's a Yahoo! Weather forecast in Celcius:

And in Fahrenheit:


  1. Not cold enough for me!

    I want -80 or -90 C (was that the record?) they say metal starts breaking, and only wood resists.

    (but of course, i don't wish this type of weather for anyone, just curious about it) 5-25 C all the time is boring.

    If all this info about Global Warming is correct, perhaps in the future, the south will get some nice 50 C , 60 C (useful to make omelets), and the north will get 30 C + , Tropical Russia! "The Excellent Beaches of Archangelsk and Murmansk! Summer of 2050 !"