Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm back again; this time we didn't have electricity from 10:30 am till 6:15 pm - almost eight hours. And about 45 hours total this week.

Just one more thing for now: how I wished we had a neighbor like the former Armenian culture minister, someone who'd go to our ZhEK and to Kyivenergo and beat the shit out of them all. Maybe someone did, because other neighborhoods are sometimes left without power for much longer - three days in a row, how about that? - and some people in those neighborhoods have electric, not gas, stoves...

The paradox here is that, technically, we own our apartment, we privatized it a while ago - but we still rely on Kyivenergo (it's state-owned, isn't it?) for everything: hot water, central heating, electricity. Why should I really care about who owns Kryvorizhstal when it's ridiculous for me to say that I really own the apartment I do own on paper?


  1. This is about Mishah's recent post about EuroNews telling different truths depending on the language. Mishah, didn't you know that VGTRK (the Russian State TV &Radio Company) owns at least 16% of Euronews? It's the channel's 4th largest shareholder.

  2. Thanks. I knew VGTRK control the russian language voice-over as a condition of the translation of Euronews in Russia, I just didn't know the numbers. Enough said for anyone who has at least some knowledge on the subject )))