Saturday, January 07, 2006

I don't remember if Marta was already screaming or not yet when I ran into this story Thursday night; it made me laugh, but because of Marta I failed to mention it here (via Blogrel):

Armenian Culture Minister Quits After Reported Assault

Armenia’s controversial Culture Minister Hovik Hoveyan was forced to step down late Thursday over reports that he attacked and pistol-whipped electricity workers after a brief cut-off in power supplies to his apartment.


According to the Electricity Networks of Armenia (ENA), Hoveyan, his son and several other men visited an a power distribution station in Yerevan on Wednesday to express their fury with the disruption which the national power utility says occurred on New Year’s Eve and lasted for about 20 minutes.

“They used force against our workers,” ENA spokeswoman Margarit Grigorian told RFE/RL. “Two of them were hit by pistol butts and taken to hospital with injuries. Their condition is satisfactory now.”

I also love the comments on Blogrel. This one:

Hoveyan’s predecessor was consdired an idiot until she resigned, but nobody suspected that Hoveyan could make even better copy. [...]

On the other hand, anyone who has tried to talk to the electricity or gas people on the phone only to have them lie or be rude to you, assuming they actually pick up the phone, will privately be applauding his actions.

And this:

As always in Armenia, it’s all about the culture.

Reminds me of St. Petersburg - all's about culture there, too.

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