Wednesday, January 11, 2006

After nine days of holiday drinking and overeating, Ukrainian parliamentarians have decided to sack Yuri Yekhanurov's government today:

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine's parliament voted on Tuesday to sack the government over a controversial gas deal with Russia, plunging the country into a crisis just two months ahead of a parliamentary poll.

A no-confidence motion was backed by 250 deputies in the 450-seat parliament, angry over the deal that will force Ukraine to pay nearly twice as much for its gas imports this year.


"This is an attempt by political opposition in Ukraine to seize political initiative from President Yushchenko's camp ahead of the March election," said CSFB economist Sergei Voloboev.

If $95 is such a horrible price that they fire the government over it, then where were they when Russia was demanding $230? Why were they so quiet? Why didn't their people walk over to Maidan to protest Russia's cruel intentions, to voice their indignation?

Mishah says there's no 'they' - each faction that voted to fire Yekhanurov and his cabinet today pursues its own interests. Fine, only it doesn't change the outome, and only God knows how it can possibly contribute to the well-being of ordinary Ukrainians. This constant bickering, bitching and bullshitting is really tiresome: within the government and Yushchenko's camp in fall, with Russia at the end of 2005, and in parliament now.

Mama said she wouldn't go to the polling station at all in March. I told her I'd vote against them all - just so that they know they're being watched.

Where's Pora/PRP in this, by the way? I was pretty much ready to vote for them, but they seem to have vanished...


  1. Re: your question: Pora/PRP did not vote for vidstavka along with nasha Ukraina. unfortunately they are, at present, such a politically tiny entity that their voice is fairly insignificant in the scheme of things. however, that could always change. I think the "ratings" surveys are all full of it...i believe anything can happen. personally i'm for Pora/PRP

  2. You rule, Veronica. Lesya and I said almost the exact same thing about this situation. Forget fiddling while Rome burns, the Ukrainian political class is starting up an whole orchestra.

    Yushchenko on Cymbals (so he can clash with reality)

    Tymoshenko on the Tin Whistle (so she can blow to her hearts content)

    Yanu on the viola so he can express his deep sadness at... everything.

    Lytvyn on 3rd violin so he can just back up whatever tune everyone else is playing at the time.

    And the Communists on the Kazoo, because they've only had one note to play for the last 15 years.