Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A 20-year-old nut has burst into the synagogue across the street from where we live in Moscow and stabbed a dozen or so people with a knife. Horrible. (And yet, one of the thoughts that ran through my head as I read about it was: "Damn, the news is breaking right next to our house and I'm not there." But Moscow seems like a different planet now...)

Here's more from the Haaretz:

A man armed with a knife stabbed and wounded 11 people, including three Israelis, in a synagogue in downtown Moscow on Wednesday.


Moscow police arrested a man identified as Alexander Koftzev, suspected of carrying out the attack. He was reported to be in his 20s from Moscow. Moscow authorities said the incident appeared to be anti-Semitic, but that other motives were also being investigated.

An initial investigation reveals that a skinhead wearing a leather jacket told the guards at the entrance to the synagogue that "I will kill people. I will kill Jews," before bursting into the synagogue.


"I saw a man run in. He had a big knife," said one woman who worked in the kitchen at the synagogue and gave only her first name Svetlana. "I saw people lying on the floor, cut by a knife."

She said she had heard the man had attacked people in the kitchen while people were eating, and then went upstairs and began to attack people in offices before he was stopped by the synagogue's rabbi and others.

She said the man had a knife sheath hanging around his neck. [...]

According to, eight people have been wounded, among them a U.S. citizen, an Israeli and a Tajik. (The Tajik must've been a construction worker.) I hope all of them recover real soon...

(And all of a sudden I've got a terrible craving for the delicious blinchiki with meat I used to buy at this synagogue... And khinkaly... yes, kosher khinkaly... No, but I don't really miss Moscow, not yet, not when I think that I'll have to fly there with Marta, not when I try, in vain, to think of a place where it'd be nice to go for a walk with her there, on weekdays...)

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  1. Been away for a while, isolated from world news, seems there's a lot for me to catch up on.

    Crime is Disgusting, this type of crime even more so. People want money, fine , go ahead, rob me, but then get the hell away from me!

    Im particularly concerned about all this criminality in Russia, which in my eyes, is a lot more serious than terrorism, or even war (if one adds up the reported numbers...(not to mention the unreported ones))

    Damn it, how can a country with so much police and so much army just let this crap happen? If i was in power, these criminals would be summarily SHOT! How can these people have rights? How can they deserve rights, after this?

    What's the point of working, getting a miserable pay, and then even that is at risk from some shady character, some bully, some normal looking with a psycothic mind. Bah! Lock em all up in Novaya Zelmya and drop another Tsar Bomba. To hell with them.

    P.S.- Just my Opinion as usual.