Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm sorry for not writing - I've been meaning to every single day, but something keeps getting in the way.

We're doing great, back home since Thursday, Dec. 8.

Marta is so sweet; I call her koshechka, a kitty, because of her eyes and because of how she loves to nap on my chest after having eaten!..

Speaking of cats, here's Nur's first encounter with Marta:

There are nights when she lets us sleep for four hours in a row, but then there are nights like tonight, when I had to change and nurse her every two hours. I feel it's not as bad as I was expecting, maybe because I'm such a night owl, but I do tend to forget things now even more than I did during pregnancy. Also, I feel too tired/lazy/busy to write things down...

Hope you're all well; thanks so much once again for your wonderful wishes!


  1. She is just so cute. Of course all babies are cute, but you really do have an exceptionally beautiful baby. Of course, brains are much more important than looks... :-)

    Good luck with all that new-mother sleeplessness. Several of my friends have had babies in the past year and so I've heard lots of these stories...

  2. Oh goodness, she really is beautiful! I love the photo with Nur :)

  3. Even though it's tiring, it's a great time when the kid sleeps on you so much and you can rest or read a book...I read tons the first few months. Now my son wouldn't let me sit down with a book for anything!

    She looks like such a sweet girl and I'm glad everything is going well. Have you ventured out yet?