Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year, everyone! Z Novym Rokom! S Novym Godom!!!

Still an hour to go here; Khreshchatyk and Maidan are so loud; we can hear VV (Vopli Vidoplyasova) playing at Maidan even if we keep our windows shut; suprisingly, Marta does not wake from the constant booming of fireworks and fire crackers, some distant and some very, very close. How I wish I could sneak outside for a while!..

May the New Year bring all of you tons of joy and happiness!

Much love,
Veronica, Mishah and Marta


  1. Z novym rokom, Neeka!

    There was very loud, actually, at Maidan.. But very cool.. I mean , well, the weather was warm, 't was not so crowdy.. I think even better then the last year, after aLL..

    You're lucky, being able to make it your family ritual to pass such holiday on air, among people, watchin' firworks, etc.. I'm absolutely astonished to realise that it so much better to grab a bottle of white and be there, then fade to non existense slowly at the teevee screen..

    aLL the best in 2oo6 !!

  2. Happy New Year, Neekie! I'm so jealous of your new parent role. My nineteen year old had a big party last night and all the cool kids credentialed my son as the first guy whose parents were not afraid to provide a place for young people to have their own life. I see them at the local convenience store - hundreds of cars and lives - with no where to "party". So I said "what the hell" let's make a statement, at least for New Years Eve.

    The kids came. They drank. They fell down. No one died. It was a complete success.

    One problem all parents have to solve is whether to prevent them from making the same mistakes you made, or to initiate them in a relatively controlled environment. You wish your children would know better as soon as they arrive from mother. But you know that people only learn from their own mistakes, and history is doomed to repeat itself.

    All my love,

    Happy New Year!
    Mishah! I love your wife! Why don't you give her to me?