Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My 80 photos from Maidan's first anniversary - enjoy!

(As far as I know, TV had the best picture of the evening crowd... Nothing I can match it with, unfortunately...)


Some of my favorites:

'Our Ukraine'

'Stop persecuting Tymoshenko, she's had enough in Kuchma's time!'

'Victor Andriyovych, don't listen to your entourage, listen to your heart!'

Putin in orange disguise ;-)))))


  1. stunning photos. it shows that how the context of time changes the underlying effect of a photograph. everyone is dressed in orange, but "BCE HE TAK..."

  2. Man seeing these makes me miss Kiev.

  3. Or, vsyo tochno TAK je - everything's exactly the same.

    Still, it was a wonderful day - and just like a year ago, it was important to be there to really feel it.

  4. Orange illusions. It was a good choice of color.

  5. They did a reportage in Canada yesterday about the 1 year anniversary of the revolution...

    The title : "The Orange Desillusion"...

  6. I cannot comprehend how small my world would be without Neeka News. Thank you.

    Meanwhile Azerbaijani friends see the wonderful orange cake in Ukraine and have none.

    It is too sad.