Sunday, October 16, 2005

Questions to Yushchenko and the audio of his answers to a few of them during BBC's Talking Point today are here.

A synopsis of the interview is here.

(I wonder if they are going to post the transcript anytime soon.)


To me, Yushchenko sounded more realistic - and thus more convincing - when he spoke on Ukraine's foreign policy.

As for the domestic affairs, here's one quote:

And besides, in the last nine months most people's personal income has grown by 24 percent - we have never had that before! For the first time in 14 years, pensioners get enough money - you won't see a pensioner rummaging in dustbins anymore, and that is, surely, very important.

And the way he dealt with the question on his recent deal with Yanukovych - he made it sound as if the country was on the verge of a break-up again (just like it had been a year ago - thanks to Yanukovych and others who convened with him in Severodonetsk), and if, to avert the catastrophe, he had to speak with the opposition, he would.


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