Friday, October 14, 2005

March 19, 2004

Rest in peace, Oleg Lundstrem...

He died today, at the age of 89. His bio is here, at his legendaty orchestra's homepage.

A couple more 2004 photos of Oleg Lundstrem at his dacha are on my photo page, here.


Update: NTV has just said that Oleg Lundstrem's father was a Swede - and his mother a descendant of Taras Shevchenko!

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  1. What a great career!

    The history of jazz in Russia is an interesting one. Shostakovich composed "jazz" works in the 1920s which today don't really sound much like jazz at all - yet this non-classical style was an integral part of 20th century Russian music, which is something that's often forgotten nowadays.