Thursday, September 15, 2005

Via Orange Ukraine, a Kyiv Post editorial - It's War.

[Tymoshenko]’s all but guaranteed that she’ll win big in the parliamentary elections and return to a meanwhile vastly more powerful premiership, and only an idiot would count her out.

I read this sentence and felt like screaming: "Yeah, okay, but so what?! Is it gonna change the country in any fucking way?"

And then I read the next paragraph:

As journalists, we’ll enjoy the political circus that’s gearing up, but we have to wonder where all this will lead. Lots of Ukrainian voters must be tired of what political warfare entails: the dirt, the backstabbing, the lies, the demagoguery, the conniving, the endless nonsense. Whether they’ll enjoy the upcoming power-struggle or be turned off by it (or both) is an open question, but disgust with the political process would be a terrible thing in a country that only recently started to believe in the effectiveness of politics to steer the country toward a better future. Political warfare is only justifiable if it yields good political results. Otherwise it’s just bread and circuses, a shadow-game played by egomaniacs that wastes everybody’s time. That’s bad enough in a rich Western country, but it’s worse here, where there exist such extreme problems that need to be solved.

Beautifully said.

A funny way to be reminded that, in this context, I'm not a journalist, but one of those somewhat disillusioned Ukrainian voters.

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